Best Mosquito Repellent Machine Is 30% Off

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Summer days mean more time spent outside and depending on your location, an excess of mosquitoes. If you find bug spray and the tacky feeling of DEET on your skin bothersome or generally find mosquitos annoying (and if you have blood, you should), consider trying this easy-to-use repellent device by Cutter. It’s designed to ward away mosquitoes by diffusing odorless oils and repelling those pesky blood-suckers away by up to 10 feet of placement. According to reviewers the device is perfect for patios, backyards and homes near a water source. Right now, you can grab this USB-rechargeable gadget packed with up to 40 hours of repellent oils at 30% off, cutting its price to just $22.99.

The device is easy to set up and use: just charge it with the included USB charger, turn it on and place it on an outdoor surface. Once powered on, it starts diffusing an odorless oil — that’s non-toxic to humans and pets but harsh on mosquitoes — for up to 5.5 hours per charge. Cutter claims it only takes 15 minutes to begin working, providing up to 10 feet of outdoor mosquito protection.

If you’ve been burned by phony mosquito repellents in the past, don’t worry: from Florida natives to outdoor entertainers, reviewers say this one really works. “I live in Florida and one of the worst places for mosquitos for us is in our garage,” says Go Gators!. “Honestly I try and use almost anything to keep mosquitos away and this has been working pretty good so far.”

Melissa had a similar experience: “I was skeptical that this product would really keep the mosquitoes from using my husband and me as their own personal blood bank, but I can report that it does just that! We are able to enjoy our deck without the constant swatting of those pesky bloodsuckers! I’m going to order more refills right now!”

If you’re looking for non-toxic mosquito protection that doesn’t require mounting a brightly lit bug zapper or spraying sticky chemicals on your skin, the Cutter Eclipse Zone is an excellent alternative. Even if you do still prefer to wear bug repellant, this works as an extra powerful layer of mosquito defense. Enjoying the summertime warmth doesn’t have to come at the cost of bitey bugs — or, in the case of this sale, a high cost at all.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Cutter Eclipse Zone diffusing bug repellent:

“It’s early spring and mosquitoes are already out in full force in my backyard. The weather was great this weekend and we spent the evening on the back porch without any bites. The device was really easy to set up and I liked that the design didn’t scream for attention. Our kids and our dog left it alone.” — Lou

“I live in Florida and one of the worst places for mosquitos for us is in our garage. This is a compact little repellent that looks like it could honestly fit almost anywhere in our garage. It circular in shape a nice non obvious gray color and the “repellent” looks to come out of the top of the unit. It has an on/off button and says it runs for over 5 hours on one charge. It comes with the cord to charge but not the actual what we call chunk charger. You’ll need to get a USB plug to get this charged up. Refills for this cost quite a bit but one repellant is supposed to last for 40 hours of use. Honestly I try and use almost anything to keep mosquitos away and this has been working pretty good so far.” — Go Gators!

“What a great idea! No more spraying myself with mosquito spray when just hanging out on the patio. Just a push of a button and the mosquitoes are gone. Love it.” — Andrew

Bugs normally eat me alive. This great little dootad keeps them away without an open flame and without the chemical smell. Highly recommend for the summer.” — Mel e

“my whole yard is basically a swamp right now. That means that soon I will have tons of mosquitoes flying around and biting everyone. This will make a great little portable electronic device to keep them away from my immediate area. I can take it with me if I want to work on the back deck, porch, by the pond, near the camper or bonfire area. I can take it anywhere I am going. It is not stinky like the old school citronella candles with the big black smoke coming off of them. This has no scent at all so you don’t even know it is running and protecting you against mosquitoes while you are going about your activities. That is the best kind of protection for me! No smell, No fuss, No mess! You just recycle the bottle and replace it with a refill which is also available from Cutter. I think these are great. I already ordered some refills for it!” — Roger

“It actually works. We back up to woods and no matter what are always eaten alive. This definitely repelled them. I even used it near me while gardening – not one bite!” — Lindsey Hakanson

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