30 Skincare Products Reviewers Say Really Work

Slip on the included booties, wait an hour and then enjoy watching your foot molt for the next week or two, revealing the baby soft skin underneath.

Promising review:
“Holy cow, my feet are peeling!! I was skeptical cause the skin on my heel is so thick (healthcare, and on my feet all day), and nothing was working to keep it at bay, but this stuff really works!!! Today is day six, and it happened all at once. I was not putting lotion on my feet because I was not sure if I should, but I was soaking them every day, but I couldn’t take it anymore, and lotioned them and put socks on, I woke up this morning and they were peeling away. The more lotion I put, the more they peel I am impressed. Definitely will be repurchasing.” — Anjelic

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