Ayn’s new gaming handheld looks like a PSP, and it might just fill the hole in your heart left by Sony’s best portable

Ayn Technologies’ previous handheld, the Ayn Odin 2, is an excellent Android portable with great performance and control. It earned five out of five stars in our review and set itself up as one of the best PC gaming handhelds on the current market. Now, Ayn Technologies has revealed its next handheld, which is a new version and a departure from the Odin 2.

There aren’t too many details on the upcoming portable, but we do know some specs right now, thanks to a report from Notebookcheck. First, the system will only weigh 320g, which is about 31% lighter than the Odin 2 at 420g and 9% lighter than its competition, the Ayaneo Pocket S at 350g.

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