Biglaw Partners All Seem To Wind Up Disillusioned At The End Of Their Partnership Journeys

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It’s like wading through treacle to get to the promised land and finding that in the promised land there is just more treacle. In advance, I didn’t seriously think this by the time I got there, but when I was much younger, when I was first [employed], I was expecting a huge change but actually when you get there, it’s much of a muchness and I’m paid more money, but nothing has changed.

— an anonymous Biglaw partner, in comments given to the authors of a recent study by the University of Bath and noted by International, in which the emotions of those on the partnership track were assessed and evaluated. The researchers determined that there are four emotions those on the partnership track experience: aspiration/excitement, anxiety/uncertainty, pride/joy, and finally, disillusionment/disappointment.

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