Even Golden Gate Law’s Exit Strategy Has A Low Passage Rate

Come on, man.

Hello again, gang. Remember about a week ago when I said you probably shouldn’t be too worried about Golden Gate Law’s current class because it recently submitted an exit plan to the ABA that was presumably more substantial than a shrug emoji? Welp, turns out the plan wasn’t up to par:

Golden Gate University School of Law’s teach-out plan has been rejected by the American Bar Association’s Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar…[T]he ABA council rejected the plan because it “did not include sufficient detail relating to the operation of a teach-out.” A revised plan can be submitted by Jan. 12.

University officials “were surprised and disappointed to see that the ABA decided to post this public notice,” according to an email to the ABA Journal on Friday. “We strongly object to this posting.

The real victims here are the students. You’d think now would be one of the easiest periods in the profession’s history for an administration to organize a teach-out — not having widespread Zoom capability in 1901 meant that the administration would have had to find a brick-and-mortar school to send their students to. It looks like Golden Gate wasn’t even able to convince an ABA-accredited law school to let their students ride out the final years of their JD in the the living room. If you’re going to force students to learn the rule against perpetuities, the least you can do is figure out which school they’ll be vesting in when your time is up.

ABA Legal Ed Council Rejects Golden Gate University’s Plan To End Its JD Program [ABA Journal]

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