Forget vacuums – Dyson unleashes clever new way to clean your floors

If you want your kitchen floors to sparkle, Dyson’s latest technology might offer the perfect solution. The UK firm has just announced the launch of its latest cleaning product and it doesn’t suck up muck like a conventional vacuum. Instead, the Dyson WashG1 tackles those grimy hard floors using water – think of it just like a posh mop.

Dyson says its new cleaner has been designed to pick-up both wet and dry debris in one go meaning there’s no need to vacuum and then scrub things as well.

The WashG1 features a 1-litre clean-water tank with two rollers washing and picking up filth at the same time.

A pulse-modulated pump also makes sure the wet stuff is distributed evenly so you don’t end up with giant puddles all over the place.

Numerous modes offer different levels of hydration and if there’s dirt that won’t budge a separate boost mode button purges each roller with the maximum amount of hydration with Dyson promising that this feature will get rid of stubborn dirt and dried-on stains.

Once you are done, a separate dirty water tank is simply emptied and there’s even a self-cleaning mode which saturates both rollers with clean water on the highest boost setting, flushing the entire system in preparation for the next clean.

The Dyson WashG1 now joins the firm’s V15 Submarine in offering a way to wash your floors using water, however, this is its first ever device dedicated just to mopping and not vacuuming as well.

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Speaking about the device Charlie Park Vice President of Dyson Home Engineering at Dyson said: “Most of us vacuum our homes regularly. But whilst wet cleaning is considered a necessary chore globally, many of us don’t know why

we do it beyond the vague notion of hygiene. In fact, cleaning with water is essential to rehydrate and remove tough, dried-on stains.

“Over the years, a vast array of wet floor cleaning formats have emerged to help us tackle this chore yet users’ expectations are often left unfulfilled when it comes to stain removal, pick-up performance and floor finish.

“Dyson engineers solve the problems others ignore and we thrive on the challenge of creating better technology. The Dyson WashG1 is the result of this; our first dedicated wet machine to wash hard floors, properly and hygienically.”

It will cost £599.99 with Dyson promising that its WashG1 wet floor cleaner will be available soon.

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