Indian Army SSC Tech Officer: Job Profile, Salary, Allowances And All You Need To Know

Everyone aspires to secure a government job and if it’s in the Indian Army, it’s the best opportunity for those who want to serve the company. One such position is that of a Tech SSC Officer in the Indian Army. This role allows engineering graduates to join the Army without an exam. If you’re an engineering graduate, you can apply for these positions, as the Indian Army announces vacancies for these roles every year.

Candidates selected for these positions receive various benefits along with a salary, and understanding the salary structure is crucial. If you’re preparing to apply for Indian Army SSC Officer positions, carefully read the following information.

Indian Army SSC Officer Salary Structure

The Indian Army SSC Tech salary structure includes details such as pay level, pay scale, allowances, etc. Let’s understand the salary details in brief.

Recruitment Body

Indian Army

Job Post Title

SSC Tech

Pay Scale

Rs 56,100 to Rs 2,50,000


Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, etc.

In addition to the basic salary, selected candidates for the Indian Army SSC Tech rank receive specific facilities and allowances based on their positions. The allowances provided are as follows:

Dearness Allowance is acceptable under the same rates and conditions that are periodically applicable to civilian employees.

Parachute Allowance: Rs 10,500 per month

Parachute Reserve Allowance: Rs 2,625 per month

Para Jump Instructor Allowance: Rs 10,500 per month

Project Allowance: Rs 3,400 per month

Special Force Allowance: Rs 25,000 per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-I): Rs 3,000 per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-II): Rs 4,500 per month

Indian Army SSC Tech Job Profile

The Short Service Commission (SSC Tech Entry) provides an opportunity for young technical graduates to become officers in the Indian Army, fostering their capability, courage, and self-confidence for civilian life. The job profile for Indian Army SSC Tech includes various roles and responsibilities assigned based on the candidate’s chosen engineering branch, such as Field Engineer (Engineering Corps), Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (EME Corps), or Communication Engineer (Signal Corps).

The duties of an SSC Tech officer may involve managing the supply series through weapon channels and local procurement, residing in various parts of the country, and typically staying at the rear of the front lines. Additionally, candidates may provide training, guidance, technical support, and advice to industry and faculty members.

Career Growth And Promotion in Indian Army SSC Tech

Every candidate selected by the Indian Army experiences significant career growth and promotion. After confirmation as a permanent employee, they become eligible to participate in internal examinations for promotion based on their performance, seniority, and experience. The hierarchy in the Indian army is as follows.




Lieutenant Colonel

Colonel (TS)



Major General

Lieutenant General HAG Scale

Lieutenant General HAG + Scale (Can exercise 1/3rd of the total strength of Lieutenant Generals)

VCOAS/Senior Army Commander/Lieutenant General (NFSG)


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