League of Geeks announces mass layoffs and halts Jumplight Odyssey development – will distribute 50% of early access profits to employees until work resumes

League of Geeks, the development studio currently working on space strategy sim game Jumplight Odyssey and turn-based political strategy game Solium Infernum, has announced cuts to over 50% of its workforce. That includes the entire Jumplight Odyssey team, putting the early-access game’s development on hold indefinitely. 

The news was announced in a statement posted to Twitter / X by League of Geeks co-founders and directors, Trent Kusters, Blake Mizzi, and Ty Carey. “Rapidly rising operation costs,” as well as “a weakening AUD, poor early access sales, and the unprecedented withdrawal of funding opportunities across the industry” were blamed for putting the studio “in a position where we could no longer afford to cover development costs.”

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