Magnetic Beats Flex Earbuds Are On Sale

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When Apple came out with the first generation of AirPods in 2016, it was a tech game changer for anyone who hated cumbersome cords or clunky over-the-ear headphones. And though people like myself absolutely love the type of tech freedom that two completely independent and wireless earbuds provide, not everyone is as big of a fan — my boyfriend, Brandon Jenkins, being a prime example.

As a muralist for Colossal Media, Jenkins often works on scaffolding several stories high surrounded by cans of paint. All too often, his unsecured wireless earbuds have sailed into the abyss or met an untimely, paint-soaked demise after falling into a bucket. After two sets of AirPods and cheaper alternatives, he finally discovered this pair of $70 (currently on sale at 29% off for just $49.99) Beats Flex wireless earbuds that combine freedom of movement with security and accessibility.

These earphones have two magnetic buds that are connected by a flexible cord so they drape securely around the neck like a necklace when not in use and then comfortably in the ear when they are being used. According to Jenkins, this is one of his favorite aspects of the buds because he no longer has to fuss with a small case using paint-covered hands. He can just remove the buds and they automatically connect with little thought or effort.

And because the Beats Flexes come included with four sizes of soft ear tips, you can almost be guaranteed a comfortable and secure fit. In fact, one reviewer claimed that they stay in ears better than some other well-known options on the market.

The Beats, which come in four color options, also offer an auto-play and pause feature so they automatically sense when the buds are in the ear or connected to each other around the neck. Jenkins attests to their seamless Bluetooth connectivity, which is most likely thanks to the Apple W1 headphone chip that allows for complete compatibility with Apple products as well as Android. This means the headphones can also be used to answer phone calls, control music and give on-device voice commands. However, users have the option to dictate music and volume using the physical buttons that are built into the cord.

In terms of sound, both Jenkins and reviewers claim that the quality is similar to that of standard AirPods and doesn’t feature noise-cancelling listening. Rechargeable using a standard USB-C port, the Beats offer up to 12 hours of play time per charge and up to an hour and a half of playback on just ten minutes of fast-fuel charging.

If you’re someone who’s prone to losing wireless earbuds or whose lifestyle lends itself to true hands-free music listening, the Beats Flex earbuds might be a great option to try out — especially at this sale price. But, if you need more convincing, keep reading to see impressive reviews ahead.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Beats Flex wireless Bluetooth earbuds:

“My second pair! I love these! I have the AirPod Pros as well. But these just stay in my ears better, the sound is just as wonderful even without the choice of turning on and off the noise cancellation, the battery life is amazing, it connects to my devices easier, super durable. And for the price !! It’s a steal!” — Taylor

“I was looking for cordless headphones that if I was working out in the yard or going for a walk the music was good quality, if I only wanted one headphone in the other didn’t have to be put in a pocket and didn’t have static. These headphones are great so far, I have used them to mow grass, yard work and for just leisure walks.
Bonus that they drape over the back of your neck and you can have just one ear bud in and no cord to get in the way!” — Annie Gockley

“If you don’t like ear buds and need something to easily remove from your ears and just stay around your neck, get these. You cannot beat the price for this quality. I was a loyal Skullcandy user but I got tired of how quickly they wore out and one ear piece would stop working. I’ve had these for awhile now and they have amazing sounds quality. They get loud and I can’t hear anything else besides what I’m listening to if I have them in. They have magnets that automatically pause as soon as you take them out. And my FAVORITE part is they have PHYSICAL BUTTONS. I hate the tapping to pause or play ear phones. You can’t always get it right, won’t pause on a dime, they drive me crazy. Not these, there’s a physical pause and play button, physical volume buttons, and a physical power button. The wire design too is very sturdy and not weak at all. The Bluetooth range is also great. I can leave my phone charging and go all around my house, down to the basement and outside and it’ll still be connected. The ONLY gripe I have about these is powering it on can be kinda annoying because you have to hold it for a second and the sound it makes letting you know it is on is like a solid 15 seconds after you hit it. Which doesn’t sound like much but it sometimes leads to to believe I didn’t turn them on and I inadvertently turn them back off. But idk about that at all compared to how great these are in every other way! Love these. Gonna purchase backups for sure!!” — Devan

“I bought these because I did not want the AirPods. I like the magnet that keeps them together when not in use. Even though a bit difficult to keep them on the ear once you place them correctly they will not move. Fast charges, good sound quality.” — Carina

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