Meet Angad Raj, The Bihar Man Who Studied Inside Train Coaches And Cracked 5 Govt Jobs

Angad is a resident of Udwant Nagar village in Arrah, Bihar.

Angad hails from an underprivileged family, and his childhood was full of struggle.

Hard work, patience, and persistence are some of the most important factors in determining success in a person’s life. A lot of people put in efforts to achieve success, but only those who remain persistent in their journey are able to achieve it. Today, we are going to look at one such story, where a man was able to achieve all his dreams, only through sheer hard work and commitment. This man named Angad Raj belongs to a small town in Bihar. He was able to clear not one, but five government job exams. He initially got a job at Group D category in the Railways; and now, he is assigned in the post of the state’s Assistant Secretariat.

He is a resident of Udwant Nagar village in Arrah, Bihar. Angad hails from an extremely poor family, and his childhood was always full of struggle. He is the son of Ramashankar Singh, who was a farmer in his native village. His extended family had his uncle, who was a small-scale businessman, and his grandfather, who was a constable in jail. The only source of income at his house was his grandfather and uncle’s income. As the financial situation at home was not that good, Angad couldn’t complete his studies properly. He used to finance his education by taking tuition classes at a very young age.

After struggling for a lot for years, Angad Raj got his first government job in 2019. He was selected for Railway Group D in Mumbai. There, Angad used to live in the train installed in the yard and used to study and sleep there. After doing this for two years, he decided to quit the railway. Then he cleared the examination, and became a sub-inspector in the Bihar Police. His family did not want him to do a police job. After which, he was selected as the branch officer of the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). After that, he put in more effort and has now reached the post of Secretariat Assistant. Angad is still not satisfied with this and aims to become DSP after clearing BPSC and serving the people of the state.

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