Morning Docket: 06.24.24

* Reuters has an exclusive report that prosecutors are recommending that the DOJ criminally charge Boeing. The report doesn’t name any of the prosecutors which… given the luck that befalls Boeing whistleblowers, may be out of an abundance of caution. [Reuters]

* Elon Musk is now arguing that his attempt to bail on the Twitter deal did not manipulate share prices because it was an empty threat and no one was stupid enough to think he wasn’t legally obligated to buy the company anyway. Buddy… people were stupid enough. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trump is arguing that special counsel not appointed by the Senate are unconstitutional… except, of course, all the times his Justice Department did it. [Newsweek]

* California’s bar exam is driving the state bar into the red and the entity shrugged off a plan to fix it. Now they’re scrambling to find other solutions. [ABA Journal]

* “We Must Protect This House!” (by settling these securities fraud claims). [Law360]

* Law firms lack a “McKinsey” with true international gravitas. Probably because law is by definition national in character while “telling CEOs to pay themselves more money” transcends borders. [ International]

* If you were to imagine a concerted campaign to overturn marriage equality, it would look exactly like what the Supreme Court is currently doing. [Slate]

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