Revision Lip Treatment Targets Fine Lines, Wrinkles

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Isn’t there something so thrilling about finding a truly stellar and game-changing product? It’s a huge joy, and you want to tell everyone how great it is and use it all the time and bask in its glory and congratulate yourself for choosing it and see other people experience it, too. It’s so satisfying to see good results that make a purchase truly worth it.

That’s how I feel about Revision Skincare’s YouthFull Lip Replenisher, which I bought a few months ago while on a mission to find something that would care for and address my aging lips and is on sale today for 20% off. My lips have gotten just as much sun damage as the rest of my face over the last nearly-five decades, and it was starting to show in fine lines. I’m not overly bothered by signs of aging, but I do want to take care of my face, and of course I can’t just slap some random retinol cream on my lips like I can on my crow’s feet. Lip skin is wildly delicate.

I figured one of the most promising lip-safe active ingredients would be peptides, given that certain peptides can have skin-restoring abilities and help address things like loss of firmness, dullness and fine lines, and others are solid antioxidants. Although they don’t produce quick miracles — no skin care does — peptides can be effective, and some are gentle enough to be included in lip products. I tried a few of them, including Hailey Bieber’s peptide lip gloss (what can I say? she has good skin!), but nothing was really doing it for me.

Then I took one last stab at it when I spotted Revision’s peptide treatment. Designed to target visible signs of lip aging, it not only has several peptides including palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tripeptide-38, but also other research-backed ingredients like vitamins E and C and green tea that can work well in tandem with peptides, plus very solid moisturizers like shea butter. I put it on overnight — more on that choice below — and let me tell you, I could actually tell a difference the very next morning.

Revision Skincare YouthFull Lip Replenisher

My lips hadn’t been in terrible shape, but they definitely seemed smoother than they’d been in years. They weren’t puckery. They didn’t look wrinkly. And they certainly felt supremely healthy. I kept going with overnight use, and within days felt like this it was making a real difference. I was honestly floored when I woke up each morning, and kept being reminded of it during the day when they just felt so freshly smooth all the time. And given how little of it I have to squeeze out to give my lips a solid coat, I feel like this one tube is going to last for an almost comically long time (a relief given that $40 is way more than I typically spend on a lip balm, which is also a good reason to snatch it up while it’s on sale).

I will note that when I first put this on, I immediately knew it wasn’t going to be a product I’d wear much during the day, despite Revisions’s guidance of applying it three times daily. It’s pretty thick and sticky (if you are constantly pulling your hair out of your lip gloss, you know the struggle). But as one reviewer noted, this is actually the product’s superpower, because it absolutely does not budge, even if you wear it overnight. “Although some reviews complain about the tackiness of the balm, that’s actually what is so great about this product!” wrote a Dermstore customer named Lizzie. “It sticks to lips better than any other balm I’ve tried.”

I'm only including this marketing image from the brand because I found my results to be very similar.
I’m only including this marketing image from the brand because I found my results to be very similar.

I can attest to this. Each morning when I wake up, it’s still there as if I just applied it. I sleep on my side, but it doesn’t melt off or get on my pillow. The fact that it clings so hard and lasts so long gives me some assurance that all those little peptides really are hard at work while I sleep, safely ensconced on my lips in a very stay-put formula.

Although some reviewers do enjoy it wearing this formula as a daytime gloss, many others are using it overnight only, too, and say it makes their lipstick easier to apply the next day. Some aren’t so concerned with fine lines, and simply use it for dry, cracked lips in winter or desert climates (and they say it’s hugely effective for that). Read some promising thoughts from verified Dermstore purchasers and Amazon reviewers below:

“Love this product. The day it arrived I used it twice, at noon and before bed. When I woke up in the morning I did a double take in the mirror. My 46 year old lips were reminded me of the 18 year old lips in my senior pictures! They were more defined on the edges, and a bit more plump. The results after one night were amazing!” — Julie at Dermstore

“I have a pretty epic lip balm graveyard in my beauty cabinet so I was not expecting much from this, but it knocked my socks off! It’s so good. Very thick and sticky, but that helps it stay on all night. I just wipe off the residue in the morning and my lips look amazing. I have not had a single skin flake since I started using this. I also love the smell, which is very delicate. Will definitely repurchase.” — Anonymous at Dermstore

“There are tons of lip moisturizers and masks and I’ve tried many of them. They essentially have the same end result…temporary hydration of the lips. None of them have ever really wowed me until I tried Revision! What makes it different? It adheres to the lips unlike any product that I’ve ever tried. I apply it at bedtime and it is STILL there in the morning! That kind of adherence means that the active ingredients make contact with the lips longer so they can work their magic. My lips are hydrated and plumped all day long with just a night time application so it’s very cost effective as well.” — Laura at Dermstore

“It actually works! My Dermatologist recommended this to me. Results are noticeable some in the beginning but with daily use (throughout the day) my lips are fuller, less wrinkles! (age 46)” — Amy Gragg at Amazon

“I am embarrassed to say how many of these tubes I’ve purchased since first using it after lip injections in August. There is absolutely nothing that comes close in both appearance and function. It stays on for hours and my lips are plump, hydrated and regaining their natural healthy tone and texture. My only complaint is that there isn’t a punch card because I will be buried in this lip treatment.” — Jessica at Dermstore

“I’ve tried so many lip masks. Laneige, Tatcha, First Aid Beauty (was amazing and now discontinued), Bite, Fresh, Ole Henricksen, Kiehl’s (tastes and smells fantastic, lasts on lips for 4 minutes)…Tarte, Buxom, Dior, was a Burt’s Bees fan for a decade. BB is nice and keeps the moisture in, but no active ingredients to nourish. Revision is serious business… I travel for work, am on planes and changing climates weekly. My lips are soft and nourished. I’m over 50, and no lip lines. **Can’t recommend strongly enough. 10/10**” — Kimberly S at Amazon

Didn’t want to love this product due to the price point but it really works. Gives me a plump lip filler look when left on overnight. Definitely prefer this to the laneige lip mask. It does have a sticky/tacky feel so best to use overnight vs during the day.” — Lindsey at Dermstore

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