Ribobay Pharma Boosts Offering with Cytiva’s FlexFactory Platform

Ribobay Pharma, a leading Chinese biopharmaceutical CRDMO and a spin-off company of General Biol (Anhui) Co., Ltd, will provide cGMP-level oligonucleotide (oligo) CRDMO services to the world using Cytiva’s first FlexFactory platform for oligo manufacturing.

It is scheduled to commence manufacturing in June and expects to produce several hundred kilograms of pharmaceutical oligo per year, bringing increased reliability, speed, and efficiency to the development of novel therapies.

Jingui Yong, General Manager of Ribobay Pharma, says: “With the support of Cytiva, we will rapidly expand our oligo CRDMO business by manufacturing high-quality and diversified innovative drugs, as well as new vaccine adjuvant (CpG-ODNs) for global customers. We look forward to building on synergies and creating more value with our collaborators.”

With the FlexFactory platform, Ribobay Pharma can better serve their customers, providing process development support, optimisation, method development, pilot production services, and customized manufacturing services.

Allen Li, President of Cytiva in China, says: “It’s an honor to work with Ribobay Pharma to roll out our very first FlexFactory platform for oligos. We will continue facilitating more Chinese companies to navigate the global market, and ultimately help improve the accessibility of life-changing therapies for global patients.”

Due to its rapid development cycle, impressive success rate, low side effects, and lasting effectiveness, oligo drugs are now being applied far beyond rare diseases. They’re tackling chronic conditions like hyperlipidemia, hepatitis B, and diabetes, with over 1500 research pipelines around the globe.

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