Rudy Giuliani Adding Financial Bankruptcy To Moral Bankruptcy

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In the Aughts, “America’s Mayor” rode high as the avatar of pragmatic Republican politics. He enjoyed a brief stint as a presidential frontrunner and hung his name on a Biglaw firm.

But, as they say, “to everything there is a season” and one of those seasons is a landscaping company. Rudy hitched his wagon to Donald Trump’s star, embarrassed himself at the wrong Four Seasons, lost eleventy billion frivolous Big Lie lawsuits, almost assuredly farted on Jenna Ellis, got stiffed for it, had his license to practice looked at, and ended up filming Cameos for cash (and managed to turn that into another professional screw up). At least he got to star in Borat along the way.

He also found some time to defame Georgia pollworkers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, claiming they were counting fake votes. Rudy never complied with discovery and ended up owing them $148 million… so far! Rudy made more defamatory comments about the pair during the damages trial and they’ve sued him again.

Today, Giuliani filed for bankruptcy and before we go any further let’s answer the only relevant question: no, the defamation damages are not dischargeable.

The Bankruptcy Code specifically excludes debts incurred “for willful and malicious injury by the debtor to another entity or to property of another entity” from discharge, placing a defamation award on par with “getting an education” on the list of things the law doesn’t want debtors to get away with. In any event, his assets are still heading straight to Freeman and Moss.

Per the filing, Rudy claims he’s got about $10 million to his name, which is a lot until you consider he has debts between $100 million and $500 million. Because let’s not forget he’s got that suit for “sexual assault, labor violations, and breach of duties as an attorney” he’s also facing.

That’s a lot of Cameos!

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