Sky is getting a brand new rival that will let you stream TV for free

Freely will launch next year and has been created by the same Everyone TV team that also runs Freeview and Freesat.

The difference that Freely has over those other free-to-view products – and which makes it more like Sky Glass – is that users won’t need a dish or aerial to tune in with content whizzed to the big screen via the web instead.

Freely was actually unveiled earlier this year but, with the launch date now impending, more details have just been revealed including the first TVs that will have this service built-in.

Hisense, which is currently the fastest-growing smart TV brand in the UK, has confirmed that some of its upcoming tellies will come with Freely. That means owners will be able to watch endless shows, live TV and box sets without needing any additional equipment, set-top boxes or dishes stuck to the outside of their homes.

Freely also powers an interactive TV guide giving viewers access to live and on-demand content all in one place. The TV platform is also promising that users of its service will be able to seamlessly browse channels through a modern and intuitive programme guide that makes it easier to find and explore new shows directly from live TV.

Along with announcing its first partner, Freely has also revealed its latest branding and an expressive ‘Freemoji’ character which will be part of all platforms using the service.

More details on an exact launch date and which other TV manufacturers will feature Freely will be announced in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the update Amy Rowcliffe, Marketing Director, Everyone TV said: “We are excited to introduce the brand identity for our new TV proposition Freely. The name Freely represents the ability to watch for free but also the freedom to choose how and what you watch. We have a cheeky, modern, and expressive character – which we have dubbed ‘Freemoji’ – that brings the brand to life as the viewer’s welcoming and inquisitive companion. Happy, sad, excited, scared, great free TV has the power to make us feel every emotion and we wanted a character to represent this.

“Our distinctive new branding will bring free TV into the streaming age for everyone – with a world of endless entertainment, all in one place.”

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