Sky issues important 31-day deadline to UK homes, check your inbox now

Sky has already put up prices for most customers this year with a hike hitting bills back in April. Now some more of its users are about to be hit by an increase to their bills with a warning now issued that wise not to ignore. This time around it’s Sky’s NOW platform that’s affected with users facing rises of £3 from July.

The higher costs will be felt by anyone who uses broadband via NOW – those who get internet access directly from Sky broadband have already been hit by an increase so aren’t affected by this latest change.

“We understand that things are tough right now, and so alongside investing in improvements, we’re committed to keeping prices as low as we can,”  Sky’s NOW explained.

“The costs of providing services have, however, increased significantly, and it’s affecting the entire industry.

“Many other providers have raised their prices, and we’ll be making some changes too. The prices of our broadband membership plans will be going up by £3. You’ll see the price change reflected in your bill on or after 5 July 2024.”

Although that hike won’t please those about to pay more, there is a way to avoid the increase. That’s because NOW is giving users 31 days to switch to another provider without facing any extra charges.

For those unaware, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will lock you into a contract and leaving before that deal ends usually means paying a penalty. That fee is being scrapped by NOW but only if you act fast.

“If you’re within your minimum contract period, give us a call on 0330 041 2498 within 31 days of receiving the price increase notification to avoid early termination charges.”

The only thing to be aware of is that you must act from the date you receive your email telling you about the changes and this won’t come from NOW. It will be sent via a Sky address instead.

“All NOW Broadband Members should have received an email about the price rise,” NOW added. “In case you were concerned because it was sent from Sky, rather than NOW, don’t worry – the email is genuine (NOW is part of the Sky family).”

If you use NOW Broadband and don’t want to pay more, it’s a good time to act and make some changes to who supplies your web access.

Switching could save you money as most ISPs offer discounts for new customers. Shop around and see what’s available, just make sure you act before the 31-day deadline expires.

It might even be worth moving to Sky Broadband with the firm offering deals such as Full Fibre 100 for £27 or its Ultrafast+ option (500Mbps speeds) for £33.

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