These Sky set-top boxes will lose popular TV channels soon – is yours on the list?

ITV is continuing with its push to broadcast all its satellite channels in high definition (HD) across the UK, which means it is about to switch off standard definition (SD) broadcasts for some of its popular channels, which may mean you have to upgrade your set-top box to continue watching.

ITV3, ITV4, and ITVBe will no longer be available to Freesat and Sky viewers in the Border Scotland, UTV, Wales, and Channel regions still using old SD-only set-top boxes from Tuesday 9 January 2024. These subscribers will also not be able to view ITV1 regional content, as it is being upgraded to HD too.

The only option if this includes you is to contact your TV provider to find out about getting a new box, otherwise you will not be able to watch these channels and broadcasts. If you already have an HD-capable box though, you won’t need to do anything.

ITV said in a press release that Channel and Border Scotland regions will also be upgraded to HD on satellite next week, on Tuesday 12 December, meaning all UK regions can now watch ITV1 in HD. The channel’s national broadcast was already HD across the UK, but the regional SD broadcasts were kept on for regional news until now. ITV1’s national content will still be broadcast in SD for the time being.

“From 9 January 2024, households with an SD-only satellite set-top box in Border Scotland, UTV, Wales and Channel will still receive ITV1 in the usual way but will need to upgrade to a High Definition (HD) satellite receiver to continue to see the correct regional news and other regional content we provide for those regions,” ITV said.

The national broadcaster said if you’re not sure if you have an SD-only set-top box, then you should contact your TV provider who can let you know if you will be affected. If you are using Sky, you can press ‘services’ on your Sky remote, following by the number 4 and then the number 5. This will show what box you have – if it’s on the below list, then you will need to upgrade:

  • 4F2001 to 4F2006 (Amstrad)
  • 4F2101 to 4F2118 and 9F2101 to 9F2137 (Amstrad or Pace)
  • 9F2001 to 9F2024, PVR2, 9F2201 to 9F2235, 9F2301 to 9F2339 (Pace)
  • 4E2101 to 4E2141 (Thomson)

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