When Lucknow’s Harshita Gupta Left Her Job Due To Toxic Work Culture And Became An Entrepreneur

Harshita Gupta graduated from Noida’s Amity University.

Harshita Gupta started her career in Red FM, Lucknow, with the post of producer, on a monthly salary of Rs 24,000.

Some people have a passion to grow and break free from the norms of a conventional society, and they push themselves to the furthest of boundaries. Something similar happened with a girl from Lucknow, named Harshita Gupta, who is now an owner of a successful clothing brand.

Lucknow’s Harshita Gupta is a popular name on social media, famous for her hilarious videos, which she posts frequently with her family. Her videos range between fun with her besties and some quality time with her father. People seem to find her content relatable, making it a huge hit among the masses. Aside from being a content creator, Harshita is also an entrepreneur.

She completed her school education at the La Martiniere Girls College, in Lucknow. After that, she attended Amity University in Noida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Harshita started her career in Red FM, Lucknow, with the post of a producer, on a monthly salary of Rs 24,000. However, in six months she was forced to leave the job because of the toxic work culture. She then got a job at Radio Mirchi as a jockey. At first, she struggled a lot in producing the videos according to the requirements of her bosses. Gradually, she became better at her work and eventually mastered the role she came in.

As a successful RJ, she had the desire to venture into the world of business. She was highly impressed with Lucknow’s famous Chikankari. So, when she wore it as her wedding outfit and it went viral on social media, she was hit with the idea to start a business in it.

In May this year, Harshita and her husband Shrey Chhabra launched their brand Chikankari Hues. She aims to create a space for Chikankari in the market of textiles. Furthermore, the entrepreneur also wants to give the craftsmen a better work environment along with good pay. Forbes India has ranked her 9 in the list of the country’s top 100 digital stars.

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